Bake Sale

Thank you to everyone who made and/or bought goodies for last Friday’s bake sale. A total of £148.74 was raised for MacMillan Cancer Support.


Key Dates

The Key Dates table has been updated. Click the tab above.

Social Media Warning

The school has been made aware of increased traffic on students’ social media accounts (Snapchat particularly)about suicide and self-harm.  Although this is not entirely a school matter, some students have been very distressed by it and that distress comes into school.  Please remember:

  • Be vigilant around your teenagers’ use of social media – what is being viewed and what is being shared.
  • Promote keeping safe online – that can include your children’s safety in terms of mental health and well-being.
  • Discuss how to cope with online gossip and how to be self-controlled.

The following websites might be useful:

Any worries or queries please contact Mr Smart or Mrs Jarvis.

Pupil Opportunities This Term

Activities for Pupils

Tuesday Assisted Sport with Murdoch
Wednesday P7/S1 Social Sessions with Senior Pupils
Thursday Interhouse Sports Competitions


Wednesday Spinning 6.00 pm
Thursday Spinning 6.00 pm

The Homework Club runs every day at lunch time.