Achfary Primary School – Consultation on Closure

There will be a public meeting on 26 April 2016 at 7:00 pm to discuss the proposed closure of Achfary Primary School.

Highland Council is seeking the views of local communities on the future of Achfary Primary School, which has been mothballed since the summer of 2012.

Under the proposal children would attend Kinlochbervie Primary School, which is around 15 miles away. In practice pupils from the Achfary area have been attending either Kinlochbervie Primary School or Scourie Primary School since July 2012.

The views of parents, school pupils, the local community and others will be sought over a period extending from 11 April to 24 May 2016.

Several documents are available for viewing or downloading.

The full proposal report can be viewed here:   Achfary Proposal Paper

One of the most interesting documents is the comparison of options.  Click below for a PDF version of Appendix B which compares 4 options (transfer to Kinlochbervie PS, transfer to Scourie PS, continued mothballing and staying open).

Appendix B Summary of Impacts

Below are links to all of the background documents that have been provided by Highland Council.

Appendix A Achfary_Primary_School Map

Appendix Ai Kinlochbervie_Primary_School

Appendix Aii Scourie_Primary_School

Appendix B Summary of Impacts

Appendix C Lairg PS Catchment

Appendix D Altnaharra Projection

Appendix Di KLB PS projection

Appendix Diii Scourie projection


Appendix F AchfaryPrimarySchoolIns

Appendix G KinlochberviePrimaryIns

Appendix H Scouri`e PS Ins

Appendix I – Financial Analysis Achfary PS closure

Appendix J EQIA

Appendix K Rural Impact Assessment