Vancouver Field Trip – Valentine’s Hamper

To raise funds for the Vancouver field trip (4-11 October 2017), we will be having several fundraising events.  The first is a Valentine’s Hamper.

Parents should send in an item for the hamper by next Monday.  One item per family group is sufficient.  Pupils will also be expected to actively sell the raffle tickets in their villages.

The hamper will have a red-coloured theme so where possible try to buy items with this in mind.

Some hamper ideas:

  • chocolates
  • sparkling rose wine
  • candles
  • Valentine’s Day decorations
  • heart-shaped biscuits
  • red-coloured shower gel/bath foam/soap
  • heart-shaped accessories – dish, mirror, magnet, sign, etc etc
  • Valentine’s teddy
  • jam
  • Love Heart sweets
  • Love Songs CD
  • Rom Com DVD
  • cup cakes

…and any other items you feel are suitable!

All items should be handed in by Monday 6 February.  Pupils will then be given tickets to sell in their area.

Thank you.