Associated Schools Group

From the Handbook (November 2017):

We have recently undergone a significant change in the way the schools in the area are managed.   Our associated Schools Group (ASG) consists of Durness Primary School, Kinlochbervie Primary School, Scourie Primary school and Kinlochbervie High School.

The Extended Management Team is now as follows:

  • Head Teacher: Mr Graeme Smart
  • Depute Head Teacher (Job Share) : Ms Katy Lee and Mrs Aileen MacDonald
  • PT Primary: Mrs Margaret MacRae,
  • PT Secondary: Mr Neil Galbraith, Mrs Kirtsy Robson, Mrs Cle Jarvis and Mrs Heather Paterson.

As an ASG we work very closely together to ensure that the needs of our young people are met and that they all have the best possible opportunity to reach their potential.

All four schools come together in Kinlochbervie on a Wednesday. This allows us to create larger groupings across the primary classes. Socially and educationally this provides our pupils with the opportunity to work in age appropriate groups and to get to know the other pupils from the area. It is also an excellent start to transition from primary to secondary and our P7 pupils come together as a group in what will be their S1 class. They spend the whole day with high school staff and in high school classrooms.

All the feedback we have had so far from pupils, parents and staff suggests that this experiment will continue in future years.

The first Parent Council meeting for the Associated Schools Group took place on 21 November 2017.  Click the links below for the minutes of the three meetings held that evening – the initial meeting of parents that set out the details of forming a Parent Council for the ASG,  the first Annual General Meeting and the first meeting of the ASG Parent Council.  Also below are links to two reports given at that meeting – the Head Teacher’s Report and a report on the recent school trip to Vancouver.


ASG Annual General Meeting Minutes 21.11.17

ASG Parent Council Minutes 21.11.17

ASG Head Teachers Report

Report on Vancouver Field Trip October 2017