Study Leave

There will not be a formal period of study leave this year; instead pupils will be permitted to take the two days off prior to their exam to study.

Click the link below to view/download the letter from Mr Smart.

Study Leave 2018


Course Choices for 2018-2019

It’s Course Choice time again.  Click the link below to view/download the Course Choice Booklet for 2018-2019.  It contains information about the choices available and general advice about making subject choices.

Course Choice Booklet 2018-2019

There will be an opportunity for parents to discuss specific subjects with teachers, pupil support staff, careers advisers and the Head Teacher at the Parents’ Evening to be held on Wednesday 14 March.

Latest KLB Podcast – Episode 8

The KLB podcast series has been created as part of an elective option by students who hope to share news about the school and the wider community.  This week’s episode includes an interview on the upcoming Coast to Coast walk (starts Friday 2 June) and the Shinty Sides tournament (Saturday 4 June).  The episode also contains other school and local news.

Exam Leave 2017

The SQA exam period begins today (2 May 2017) and continues until Friday 2 June.

Click the link below to read or download the letter from Mr Smart which contains the full details of study leave.

Exam leave 2017

Pupils sitting three or more exams may take the full exam leave.  Pupils sitting fewer than three exams are expected to remain in school but are entitled to take the day off before the exam as well as the day of the exam.

The new timetable begins on Monday 29 May.

Any pupils leaving school at the end of this year will finish at the end of their last exam.


KLB Podcast – Episode 5

Check out SoundCloud for the preview of the latest KLB Kast – Episode 5.  There are film reviews, red nose day and baby chicks.

The full episode will be played on Radio Lochbroom (including Alison’s choice for teacher song of the week – Brown Eyed Girl!).  Our podcasts are broadcast each week at 7.00 pm on Thursdays and 3.00 pm and 6.45 pm on Fridays.