Fundraising for Charity 2016-2017
Event Date Amount Organisation
Children with Cancer Sept 2016 290.50 Kayla’s Fundraiser*
Duck Race Oct 2016 397.31 School Funds
Craft Fayre and Christmas Cards** Oct 2016 1,524.21 Highland Hospice
Children In Need events Nov 2016 272.30  BBC Children in Need
Youth & Philanthropy Initiative*** Dec 2016 3,000.00 Ceilidh House
Christmas Jumper Day Dec 2016 146.00 Save the Children
Strip the Willow Dec 2016 28.00 The Archie Foundation
Christmas Concert Dec 2016 £424 Befrienders Highland and the Crocus Group
Red Nose Day March 2017 £206.40 Comic Relief

*More information on Kayla’s Fundraiser can be found on the family’s Facebook page:

**£1344.21 from the Craft Fayre and £180 from the sale of Highland Hospice Christmas cards

***More information on the Youth and Philanthropy program in Scotland can be found at

Fundraising for School Funds 2016-2017
Event Date Amount
Christmas Show Dec 2016 293.50