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ASG MInutes – 2018/2019

Meeting – 18 September 2018

Minutes 18-09-18

Head Teacher report September 18

Annual General Meeting – 18 September 2018

AGM 18 September 2018

ASG Minutes – 2017/2018

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ASG Minutes 21 March 2018

Head Teacher’s Report 21 March 2018

New ASG Parent Council

The first Parent Council meeting for the Associated Schools Group took place on 21 November 2017 and the executive elected.  The ASG Parent Council represents all four schools in the ASG and replaces the Parent Councils of the individual schools.  Richard Flannery is the Chair.

The Parent Council meets four times a year unless the members decide to call an extra meeting in response to particular issues.  The Annual General Meeting is held in September.

Meetings are informal and all parents are welcome to attend.  If you have items of concern that you wished raised at the meeting, please contact the Secretary Christine MacKenzie.

email: 01971 521906 (days) 01971 521301 (evenings)

First Meeting


ASG Annual General Meeting Minutes 21 Nov 2017

ASG Parent Council Minutes 21 Nov 2017

ASG Head Teacher’s Report

Report on Vancouver Field Trip Oct 2017


Minutes of Kinlochbervie High School Parent Council

The Kinlochbervie High School Parent Council was disbanded on 21 November 2017 and replaced by the new ASG Parent Council representing all 4 schools.  See above.

Following are the minutes of the original Parent Council representing Kinlochbervie High School only.

Meeting Minutes (2017-2018)

Letter to Parents re Cape Wrath Challenge

The Parent Council, at its meeting of 23 January 2018, decided to do a pasta night at the Cape Wrath Challenge in order to raise funds.

Annual General Meeting 21 November 2017

At the Annual General Meeting, the proposal to merge the Kinlochbervie High School Parent Council with the new ASG Parent Council was approved.  From this point onward, there will be a single Parent Council that will represent all four schools.

There were a series of meetings on 21 November – a general parents’ meeting to discuss setting up the new ASG Parent Council, the last AGM of the Kinlochbervie High School Parent Council, the first AGM of the new ASG Parent Council and the first meeting of the new ASG Parent Council.

The ASG Minutes and reports can be found under the Associated Schools Group tab.  The links for the minutes and reports for the final AGM of the Kinlochbervie High School Parent Council are below.

Parent Council AGM minutes 21.11.17

Parent Council KLB HS Chair’s Report

Parent Council KLBHS Treasurer’s Report

Meeting Minutes (2016-2017)

03 Minutes 4 April 2017

Head Teacher’s Report April 2017

02 Minutes 7 February 2017

Head Teacher’s Report to Parent Council February 2017

ASG Meeting Minutes 6 December 2016

01 Minutes – Parent Council – 6 September 2016

Head Teachers Report 6 September 2016

AGM Minutes 6 September 2016

Meeting Minutes (2015-2016)

04 Minutes 19 April 2016

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 16 March 2016

03 Minutes 2 Feb 2016

02 Minutes 17 Nov 2015

01 Minutes 1 Sept 2015

AGM Minutes 1 Sept 2015