Staff List



Head Teacher
Mr. Graeme Smart email at:
Deputy Head Teacher
Ms Katy Lee/Mrs Aileen MacDonald Job Share
Principal Teachers
Mrs Heather Paterson
  •  PT Health and Wellbeing
  • Physical Education
Mrs Cle Jarvis
  •  PT Support for Learning
Mr Neil Galbraith
  •  PT Management
  • English
Mrs Kirsty Robson
  •  PT Management
  • Biology and Chemistry
Other Teaching Staff (By Subject)
Mrs Diana Bain
  • Business Management
Mrs Alison O’Kane
  • Modern Languages  
Mr Allan Cunningham
  • Technical Subjects and Maritime Skills
Miss Sarah Lockhart
  • Music and Drama
Mr Joshua Keitany
  • Maths and Physics
Ms Heidi Majanen
  • History and Modern Studies
Mr Christopher Mounfield
  • Mathematics
Miss Rowan Watkins
  • Geography and Modern Studies
Mrs Gail Ross
  • Learning Support
Mrs Alison Wood
  • Art and Design
Mrs Angela Smart
  • Numeracy/Literacy
Other Staff
Mr Sandy Wregg
  • Instructor Chanter and Piping
Mrs Anne Wood
  • Instructor Violin
Miss Paula Macleod
  • Admin Team Leader for ASG
Ms Wendy Morrison
  • Clerical Assistant
Ms Margaret Meek
  • Clerical Assistant
Mr Keith Blyth
  • Facilities Management Assistant
Mr Maaike Silcock
  • Science Technician
Miss Anne Morrison
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Ms Sally Czerwik
  • Pupil Support Assistant
Mr Murdoch Jamieson
  • Active Schools Co-ordinator
Mrs Cara Cameron
  • Youth Development Officer